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Energy Saving and MRL (Machine Room-Less) Lifts

As we look around, we see how important it is becoming to save energy everyday especially in our building setup. With much emphasis being put on the effects we have on the environment; it becomes increasingly more vital to provide energy saving lifts for our clients. K2 Lifts energy saving lifts fall in line with the requirements of BREEAM* (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) and we offer services on the most energy efficient lifts on the UK market.

BREEAM provides a set of highly advanced tools and procedures designed to measure and evaluate the levels of sustainability of a building; from the design stage through construction and installation of the particular characteristics of each principal building type i.e., residential, retail, office, industrial. Following these guidelines, we can install the best energy efficient lifts for your particular type of building.

K2 Lifts procure first class manufactured equipment to meet the criteria set out by BREEAM. We source the very best suppliers for our energy saving lifts and carry out a traffic analysis to establish the traffic flow characteristics to achieve the lowest possible energy impact.